Dental Chair:

Microfiber Leather, Seat Position Memory by Denmark “Linak” Electric

Push Rod, Motion Compensation Mechanism of Seatback reducing the feeling of squeezing and stretching the back.

The main force-bearing parts are made of high strength cast aluminum, Light Weight but Strong Support.

Paint processed surface, Strong Adhesion and Wear Resistance

Neck Support and Head Retention Design on Headrest.

Doctor Operation:

Down Mounted Instrument Tray.

LCD Display with Inductive Button.

Removable Gasket, Easy to be 134℃ Sterilized.

Pre-set 3 Units of Removable Handpiece Tube, Easy to be changed and disinfected, 1 Unit of Triple-function Spray Gun.

Emergency Switch, Cut off Water, Air, Power Supply under Emergency.

Assistant Operation:

4 Pre-set Positions, Touchable Operation Panel, Aluminum Alloy Handle

Adjustable Strong and Weak Suction, Strong and Weak Suction Delay.

Bracket With 90° Rotation; Control Box With 135° Rotation.

1 Unit of Triple-function Spray Gun with Warm Water Supply.

Side Box:

Injection-molded Side Box with 90° Rotation.

Material: Special Plastic, Anti-ultraviolet, Anti-discoloration, Anti-aging.

Strong and Weak Suction Filter, Mouthwash Water Heat System

Water Purification System, Water Supply Conversion System

Doctor Chair:

Round Seat with Adjustment of Cushion Lift, Seat Back Angle, Seat Height.

Medical Silent Casters, Zinc Alloy Angle Frame and Footrest.

Dental Light:

Light Source: Eight-hole Direct LED Light, with Yellow and White Light. Dental Light Mode by White Lite and Anti-curing Mode by Yellow Light.

Control: Inductive Adjustment of 5 Levels Brightness

Illumination: Adjustable From 10000 to 30000Lux.

Color Temperature: 5000±10%K.

Handle: Removable Handle, Easy to be 134℃ Sterilized.

Rotation Joint: Three Joints Rotation, No Dead Angle Lighting Service Life of Lamp: >30000Hours

Spittoon Basin:

Ceramic Spittoon Basin With 180° Rotation.

Plug-in Faucet for Mouthwash and Spittoon Wash, Easy to be Cleaned.

Foot Switch Control:

Dynamic Instrument Control, Dental Chair Position Control

Water Supply Control, Auxiliary Function Control

Safety Configuration:

Safety Interlock: When Handpiece is used by doctor, the position of Dental Chair is fixed even someone operates it.

Mis-operation Safety Protection: Dental Unit has no action when buttons are mis-operated.

Emergency Stop Protection: One key cut off the water, air and electricity supply of dental unit in emergency condition.

Dental Chair Move Protection: When the dental chair descends, it will stop descending and rise for a while when it encounters some block.

Main Technical Parameters:

Input Voltage: 220V/50Hz±10%, Power: <900W;

Input Air Pressure: 0.55-0.6MPa, Flow: ≥75L/min;

Input Water Pressure: 0.2-0.4MPa, Flow: ≥2.5L/min;

Seat Height: Minimum < 390mm, Maximum > 800mm;

Backrest Pitch Angle: 105°-185°;

Overall Size: 2000×850×2100mm (L×W×H mm)